Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Weekly Style Icon: Nicki Minaj

Nicki is an amazing artist, a beautiful woman and a brilliant role model. I know a lot of people compare her to Lil Kim, but as an Aussie girl - the only thing we ever heard over here from her was Lady Marmalade. I know she was huge in the US, but Nicki has taken over the world - but just America. Plus, Nicki seems so much more family friendly than Kim. I love that she doesn't have to overly sexualise herself to be taken seriously - she knows she has talent and beauty and doesn't need to compensate with anything else. 


Thursday, 18 August 2011

For the love of punk jackets

For a long time punk kids have studded and spiked out their jackets, they have patched them, ripped them and pinned them. They have modified army jackets, leather or pleather jackets and vests.

I have my own modified jacket, splashed with nail polish, pins and safety pins, however it doesn't compare to the majority of amazing jackets I have seen around or on the internet.

Here is a celebration of punk jackets, mine is in there too - see if you can spot it! 


Brad Elterman/ Sunset Strip

In winter of 2011, I was still living in Los Angeles and had been given the opportunity to work and shoot with one of the most prestigious and famous rock and roll photographers in the world.

It was a warm day, as most are in California. We went down to Sunset Boulevard armed with big heels, purple hair and Brads camera. 
The shots were brilliant. The colour, the weather, the vibe - it all worked perfectly. 
Here are some of my favourite shots from our first shoot together.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Only a year, but I thought it would be forever.

The last year flew by in a flash. While I don't regret it, I lost a lot. I love my love, missed the last year of my Grandmothers life and sort of wish I could take those things back.

It was an amazing experience, and for my whole life all I wanted to do was move to Los Angeles. I'm almost having a small identity crisis - who am I if I am not aspiring to move to LA? 

Don't get me wrong, the last year wasn't just plagued by loneliness. There were also some amazing times. I worked with Brad Elterman, modeled for various companies, starred in a video clip with Travis Barker, drove a convertible, regained my independence, met my family from my Fathers side, found out who and what was important to me - hopefully I can get it back in my life!

Here are some of the highlights of the last year. Enjoy. xx

Jeremy Scott's 2011 Fall Season!

 "You should have fun with fashion." He said it after the show, wrinkling his nose at some of his overserious fellow designers. "It shouldn't be a church that you pray to."