Sunday, 30 October 2011

Our day at the Sydney Rock 'n' Roll and Alternative Halloween Market in Tempe!

 It was held in a “sports club” which was basically just a bowling club/ pub. There was this really old drunk guy taking ‘gold coin donations upon entry’ at the front where you had to sign in.
He asks me “Is your hair supposed to be Lady Gaga or just a bad hair day” and I was like “uhhh… neither.”
For that comment I gave him a 10c donation and he was so drunk he didn’t even notice.

So once we arrived inside, it was a smouldering day and poor Jess was dying from the start. However, I was as happy as pie (or as happy as I would be if I was eating pie), and walked around happily snapping and getting given free candles and lollies. 
The stereo had Social Distortion and Alkaline Trio playing and as I walked around I met some lovely people!
Now, let me enlighten you! Here are some gorgeous people and some fantastic companies!

Bexterity Pinup Photography and Homewares:

   Electric Vintage.

                                            You can see them every weekend at Glebe Markets.

    Rockabilly Dolls/ Miss Lulu:

     Le Lash: for all your cyber, street, unisex custom couture.

    Voodoo Pins/ Vallukt for all your oils, incense and essence needs.                                                     

    Rebel Heart - Custom Homewares and Design:

    Oh Lucy! 

     This is a gorgeous couple I spotted - and they weirdly enough happened to be visiting from LA.

 Rare As!

   Here is my lovely friend Jess wearing my shirt and lookin' super cute.

  Ragdoll Childrens Clothing/ Fuffi.

    Atomic Life - For all your Rockabilly Styling Needs:

    Deadbeat Magazine.

    Crafty Cruella's Creations:                                                         

    I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!! xx