Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jouetie; S/S

'Jouetie' are the loveliest Japanese brand with punk rock lookbooks and incredible catwalk shows.
They make me wonder if they have been watching my dreams, and then recreating everything I wish existed.

For all information on the company, stockists, blogs etc.:

Monday, 16 January 2012

Designer: Daniel Palillo

It's rare to see a designer do men's, women's AND childrens clothes, however Daniel has pulled it off perfectly.

His most recent line is S/S12, and it is entitled "Nevermind".

Press Release

Daniel Palillo: -Never Mind
"Inspired by the time spent in America, Daniel Palillo’s spring 2012 collection draws from the anarchy of the designer’s teenage music heroes, while painting a portrait of his everyday lived experiences: Saturday evening soccer matches, Sunday morning cartoons, etc.

In a world of his own, Palillo has a penchant for the monstrous and the symbolic. Staying inside his signature aesthetic – where enormous proportions meet three-dimensional structures and morbid graphics – the new designs take the trademark patchworks and cutouts on another level, stretching in both shape and size. And never mind the introduction of basic colours the black humour remains."

You can check out more of Daniel's stuff at:

Thursday, 5 January 2012

So, it's Summer here in Australia...

...which generally means everyones faces are sweating off.

So, how do we retain our fringes, penchant for black clothing and layers? 

Slick your hair back for the summer. I know, very rockabilly... but oh so cute. Plus, it saves you from "sweaty fringe syndrome".

 Invest in a really amazing pair of sunglasses, remember to be bold. Here are my top pics for men's sunglasses with an punk rock edge:

Available on

By Sabre Sunglasses

By Ksubi.

By Le Specs.

By AM Eyewear.

 Although skinny jeans are fantastic and really attractive, I would hope that male appreciators everywhere would understand that sometimes it's just too hot to wear them.

My advice? Invest in a pair or two of your favourite jeans, and cut them just above the knee.

Then throw them in the washing machine to give them a nice frayed edge, or fold them up once so it looks like a hem, but is actually just a fold.

Also, don't be afraid to spatter some bleach on them or completely submerge them to give them a kind of acid  wash look.

A pair of skinny jeans can easily turn into your new favourite pair of shorts. 
If you have old ones with holes in the crotch, sew up that hole and turn them into shorts, whilst buying yourself a new pair of jeans.

I'm sure you have an abundance of lightweight shirts, but there is nothing hotter than a dude in a sleeveless black band shirt.

If you're looking for something different than your average t-shirt, what about vests? 

These are both available at

Available at

In terms of shoes, there is nothing wrong with a pair of flip flops for casual days out at the mall or laying in the park reading - however when you go to see bands or are walking a fair bit, it is definitely important to invest in a good pair of shoes.